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A few thoughts to ponder when buying property.

Be Smart Get Qualified - Before embarking upon your property search, it is advisable to get pre-qualified with  a lender. What does this mean? You will know exactly how much and on what terms a lender is prepared to offer you. This will then give you guidelines for your spending power.

Do The Math - Again before embarking upon your property search, now you have your pre-qualification figures, do a little homework. You know how much you can borrow, but how much can you afford! Get all your monthly outlay down on paper, that means EVERYTHING!! Then you can calculate exactly how much you can spend on your house payment.

Make A List - List what you need and where, what you would like, what would be nice but not essential. Take a little time to put this together, it will help you to organize your thoughts and priorities.

The Most Important Choice Of All - Your Realtor. Now you have all your  information together, choosing the right Realtor for you is equally important. You want to know that you have an experienced professional looking out for your best interests, someone you trust and can rely on to identify and show you all the potential properties for sale most suited for your specific needs and requirements. Your choice should be based on your Realtors ability to listen and to negotiate, their expertise and years of experience together with knowledge of the area.

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